What You Need to Know About a Person to Find the Perfect Gift

find the perfect gift
In order to make a good choice of Christmas gift it is essential to know and understand what a person likes, his or her personal style and taste, and what kind of gifts give them the greatest joy. When you don’t know a person well enough to already have a sense of what types of gifts would be most appreciated you may need to ask some strategic questions of your intended gift recipient to get a better idea of what they would like. It is always wise to plan your Xmas shopping ahead of time and in order to do this you really need to know what you are going to get everyone on your list.


For people who have specific hobbies, or are craft-minded or into a particular sport it can be somewhat easier to come up with a gift they will enjoy. For hobbies and crafts you may want to ask the person you are buying the gift for if they want a particular item that will be helpful to them for their projects, and for sports-minded people, ask if they have a particular player they are big fans of.

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When buying jewelry and/or clothing items a person’s favorite color is important to know. There is no joy in receiving a clothing gift in a color you don’t like, but when you open up that beautifully wrapped package to find something in your favorite color it is heart-warming. When it comes to jewelry it is important to find out if your recipient prefers silver over gold or vice versa, and which precious gems they like best. It can also be helpful to know what their birthstone is and this can be easily researched online if you know what date their birthday is.


There is a growing trend towards minimalism and if your intended gift recipient has decided to hop on this trend you would do well to know this ahead of time. Chances are your minimalist family member or friend will prefer you give them something in the way of an experience rather than physical items, or even have you donate to their favorite charity. All that being said, if they do want a physical gift it is best to think multi-purpose and even go so far as to ask them outright what they need. This may seem like it lacks surprise when they unwrap it but having the guarantee of it being something they really want or need should make up for that.

Food and Drink

gift_basketsGift baskets are a great present to receive, particularly when they are full of yummy foods that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy for yourself. If planning to go this route be sure to know whether the person you are buying the basket for is vegan, lactose intolerant or has any other specific dietary preferences so you don’t end up giving them foods they cannot eat. It is also important to know whether they are a drinker as many gift baskets include wine. You may find it a challenge to find a Xmas gift basket geared towards a non-drinking vegan for example so once you know their preferences it may be a good idea to create your own gift basket.


While it is true that children are usually happy to receive a toy no matter what it is, there are certain things you need to be aware of. Age appropriateness is perhaps the primary concern when buying toys. Very small children should never be given toys with small parts that they could pull off and choke on. For older children you should check to see what they already have. A Lego fan, for example, is likely to be ecstatic to receive a newly-released set to add to their existing set(s). Video gaming fans will love just about anything to do with video gaming but if planning on buying the games themselves you will need to check, as often avid video gamers will buy a new game the moment it is released. Ask the child’s parents what the child may like. This has a two-fold advantage of not only ensuring that what you buy is something the child will want but also avoids the possibility that you buy the same thing the child’s parents buy.


When buying perfumes, scented candles, bath sets or anything else that has a scent you need to know what the gift recipient’s favorite scents are. For perfume it is safer to opt for a gift set in a perfume you know they already love rather than to guess, and for candles most people like vanilla or lavender, but should be fairly easy to find out simply by asking them without tipping them off to what exactly you are buying them.