Gifts Your Grown Children Will Truly Appreciate

When children are young it is often a simple matter of choosing a few toys, books and maybe some special clothing items, wrapping them all up in colorful Christmas paper and then placing them under the tree. It’s not that it didn’t take some thought and planning, but when your daughters are all grown up the things they like are vastly different to when they were a child. This has advantages in many ways, but also can be somewhat challenging coming up with a gift idea that they will truly appreciate. The following ideas should be helpful in selecting the perfect gift for your grown daughter(s).

Home Cleaning

If you daughter is busy raising children of her own it is likely that she doesn’t have time to get everything done in a week that she would like to. Those deep cleaning tasks that always seem to get put off until another day never get done. Hiring a home cleaning service to come into her home and do some of those cleaning tasks that she never gets around to will be a gift she will truly appreciate. If not cleaning inside the home, how about windows? Many people dislike washing windows so having them done for her will be a treat.

Gold-dipped rose

24 Karat Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

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Platinum-dipped natural Rose

Platinum-Dipped Natural Rose

  • A stunning natural rose dipped in certified platinum.
  • Supplied with its own elegant display case in quality PU leather.
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Purse Mirror

purse mirror as a Xmas giftWomen are forever checking their faces when out and about to make sure their makeup is still looking great, or checking their teeth after finishing lunch. This often involves having to take a trip to the restroom but with a beautiful purse mirror your daughter could quickly check her face and teeth without leaving the table. There are some gorgeous purse mirrors in compact form that can be engraved with their first name or initials to make them personalized. This is a < href="/for-daughters/">Xmas gift that your daughter will appreciate very much every time she pulls it out of her handbag.


If your daughter is a sentimental woman one of the things she may appreciate is a beautiful locket. Give her one that is large enough to hold a great photograph of her children, or someone else who is special enough that she would want to wear them ‘close to her heart’. Just be sure to find out whether she prefers gold or silver. If not a locket then you should consider the beautiful rose pendants and earrings sets available at Eternity Rose. Each miniature rose is expertly crafted in either gold, silver or a number of other pretty colors. You have the choice of either the rose alone or a rose mounted on a heart-shaped pendant studded with synthetic diamonds. These sets are so incredibly pretty that if you have more than one daughter you may want to give each of them a set in different colors.

Photo Mug

photo mug Xmas gift for childrenFor women who love coffee and have children a great Christmas gift that will melt their hearts is to take photographs of their beautiful children and have them printed on to coffee mugs. You can make either a single coffee mug or a set with different images of the children. There are a number of Print on Demand services that will take your image (photograph) or drawing and print it on to various items. If not a coffee mug then consider a tote bag, t-shirt, travel mug, sweatshirt, placemats and so many more ideas that will be totally personal and unique, and make her smile.

Adult Coloring Books

This latest trend in stress therapy has taken many countries by storm, so much so that coloring books are flying off retailers’ shelves. When you think of coloring books you probably envision similar to what your daughter colored in when she was very young, but today’s coloring books geared towards adults are filled with intricate, fun designs that really make the person completing them get their creative juices flowing. Mandalas, flowers, butterflies and so much more can be found in adult coloring books. Add in a pack of coloring pens and/or pencils in a wide variety of colors and you will give your daughter a great way to relax after a long day at work. She can even slip a book and pens into her handbag and take it with her to help ‘chill out’ during her lunch break. This is not just a fun hobby or pastime but has actually been proven to reduce stress, help a person relax tense muscles, get their imaginations and creativity flowing and when completed some people even like to frame their pictures to hang on their wall. Look for coloring books with removable pages and check that the page thickness is suitable for colored pens as some of the cheaper paper ‘bleeds’ and is only suitable for coloring pencils. The coloring pens offer brighter, more vivid colors so if your daughter is someone who likes bright colors rather than pastels pens are likely to be more her style than the softer shades coloring pencils produce.