Personalized Religious Christmas Jewelry Gifts for Women

As Christmas is an actual religious celebratory holiday and not the commercial event that it so easily seems to be viewed these days it is only natural that gifts purchased for women who believe in God will often include religious jewelry. As many religions celebrate Christmas in different ways, and indeed some religions do not recognize Christmas as a holiday at all, there are different traditions surrounding gifts given at this special time of the year.

The sheer act of giving and receiving a piece of personalized religious jewelry is one that is typically all about not only a love between the giver and the recipient but also the love between them and their God who features largely in their lives. It is because of this that such jewelry holds special meaning and is likely to be something that will be treasured forever and worn often, if not every day.

Christian Cross Jewelry

There is nothing more traditional than a pendant or necklace that features a cross on it. The cross is of course symbolic of the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on, dying for our sins. From a very young age a girl can wear a simple cross to signify her love of God. Later in life the simple cross can be replaced with something more elaborate and may have semi-precious gems in it. This is a cross that she is likely to have for the rest of her life and is a reminder that God is a constant in her life.

Rosary and Prayer Beads Jewelry

These vary greatly in appearance and length but a traditional five decade rosary will consist of 5 sets of 10 beads with a larger bead at the beginning of each set. The Hail Mary is said on the ten beads and the Lord’s Prayer on the larger bead. Though fairly plain in the beads used in a rosary where a more decorative or elaborate touch is added is in the adornment on the end of it. More often than not this is a cross, varying from very plain to intricately detailed, sometimes with precious stones. Like the cross that a young woman may be given in her late teens this is an item that she will treasure for the rest of her life and will be well used. Today rosary beads are sometimes found in the form of a bracelet that is used in much the same way as a rosary.

Madonna and Child Pendants

There is no more fitting time of the year to give a Madonna and child pendant as it is time of Christ’s birth and these pendants symbolize the baby Jesus safely held in his mother’s arms. These are typically made in gold or silver and are intricately detailed with an image of a beautiful Madonna and cherubic baby Jesus. Sometimes the pendants are reversible so that it can be worn two ways which gives it some versatility i.e. two pendants in one.

Russian Cross Jewelry

The Russian cross differs somewhat from that of a traditional Christian cross but is just as symbolic. These pendants are often made with a combination of gold and silver and will often depict detailed images of the Madonna as much as they do of Jesus’ crucifixion. The craftsmanship of a Russian-made cross is typically very intricate and exquisite.

Faberge Egg-style Pendant Lockets

Just like the famous Faberge eggs these pendants are absolutely stunning in their intricate detail and gorgeous adornment. There are quite a wide variety styles available, many of them featuring a combination of precious metals such as gold and silver, and enamel. Similar to the decorative eggs some pendant lockets are encrusted with precious stones, but the thing that makes this a great gift for Christmas is that there are some that have a religious cross on the front face of them. These are more suitable to be worn on a special occasion rather as an everyday piece of jewelry. Most of the locket-style pendants open up to reveal space to place a keepsake or photograph. There is also the option with some of these gorgeous pendants to be reversible so that it can be worn two different ways.

Engraved Jewelry

If you want to give a very personal gift then consider getting something engraved. A good choice is a cross and heart combination necklace. The heart has a surface that lends itself well to having a message engraved on it. Choose your own words or a famous religious quote that means something special to her and she will have a unique and beautiful piece of religious jewelry that she can wear, knowing that it was given to her with love and is a symbol both of your love for her and for the love you both have for Christ.