Make Her Day with the Best Christmas Gifts for Her

Don’t rush into the whole gift giving experience without first doing the all important research. And that doesn’t mean sitting down and tapping a few keys, then picking the first gift that you think she’ll be pleased with. The place to start is by being certain about the kind of gift she’d love to receive. Perhaps if you pay some attention to all the things she’s saying, rather than the pertinent parts of a conversation, you’ll get a few hints of what she thinks are the best Christmas gifts for her.

best xmas giftsYou can also ask some of her friends and work colleagues what kind of present she might have mentioned to them that she’d like to receive. Don’t be shy, or think that it’s an indication that you know very little about your significant other half. On the contrary, it’s going to perfectly demonstrate how much you do really care. And that you’re prepared to go to great lengths to discover the best Xmas gifts to give her.

You’ll also be saving yourself a lot of time and money, as there’s nothing less rewarding than finding your latest gift offering at the back of a drawer.
And let’s be totally honest here. You know she’s going to pull all the stops out and be more than successful with your Christmas gift, so it’s worth every ounce of effort you’re about to put in.


There’s isn’t a woman on the planet who won’t appreciate some jewellery. Well ok, there might actually be one or two. So let’s hope your special lady isn’t one of the few. For the right kind of lady, giving her jewellery is one of the best Christmas gifts for her. Before you buy anything….. yes that word is going to come up yet again. Do your research. You’re going to have to take note of what she likes wearing, you might even get the chance to take a sneaky peek into her jewellery box. Looking back over some of your old photos might also give you an indication as to whether she likes long and dangling earrings, or simple looking


Another popular gift for all those ladies out there, unless your beloved is a hayfever sufferer of course. There are lots of festive plants and flowers to choose from, and let’s not forget the ultimate romantic flower – a beautiful red rose. Pop down to your local florist, and they’ll be more than happy to give you some ideas. But what if you don’t like the short term quality of this kind of gift. After all, even the best looking blooms are known to fade, and eventually die. The Eternity Rose has the answer. An exquisitely crafted gold, silver or platinum dipped rose. No worries about it’s beauty fading. As the name implies, it lasts an eternity.


Update her latest beauty equipment with one of the best Xmas gifts for her. Curling tongs, straighteners, or how about an appointment at the best salon in town for a makeover. There’s always the usual makeup choices, but you’d need to be pretty certain of the colours she likes to wear. And possibly her favourite brand. Because when it comes to makeup, women tend to stick with those they know best.


How many times have you heard her exclaim, “My life won’t be complete without one of them”. Technology is constantly updating and of course she doesn’t want to fall behind. The latest smartphone, tablet or laptop – she’ll have enough software to run a small country. And you know how those phone cameras never seem to do a subject justice. You could always give her the latest digital camera. At every opportunity she’ll be taking snaps. You might have to get a bigger PC to store them all on.


Books are still in fashion, in spite of the popularity of those e-books. Turning the pages of a real live book, makes the experience of reading so much more tactile. While ebooks are a great invention, they’ll never have the feel of a real book. Find the latest offering from her favourite author, look for a cookery book, or one about painting. Our why not a series of novels for the coffee table, or a collection of comical stories to keep by the loo?


There are heaps of online stores that offer unusual and unique gift ideas for the home. Cushions, rugs, pouffes, candles and vases, are just a small selection of the type of gifts available.


Vouchers are a great idea, if you know what kind of things she wants, but you want to leave her with some options. If she’d love a spa day, but you’re not sure which one. Or she’d love to spend a bit on some new clothes for her wardrobe. If she’d really appreciate some help with the expense of having a regular salon style hair cut. Vouchers are available from a number of different stores, and for a wide number of locations. You can even give your beloved a coupon to spend on her chosen experience.

And just a little reminder about the kind of gifts you really shouldn’t give. We’re pretty sure that these don’t find a place into the list of best Christmas gifts for her. Buying lingerie is a very sticky path to tread. You could find yourself with egg all over your face, if you don’t buy her gift in just the right size. Another no no is an appliance for the home. Imagine her surprise when she unwraps a vacuum cleaner, or opens the box and finds a new cooker. She might smile, but let’s be honest here, you know exactly what might be going through her mind. “What on earth is he thinking, buying me a cleaner. You’ve got to be kidding me – there must be something else he’s waiting to surprise me with”.

So to recap here slightly. Finding the best Christmas gift for her can be really simple. You just need to put some effort in and find out what she likes. Do this and your Christmas gift giving adventure is sure to be successful.