Choosing Unusual Gifts for Friends

Finding perfect Xmas gifts for friends can be difficult, but here we will make it easier with some ideas to surprise your buddies with. Gifts to prove that you know them like nobody else does, since you have shared secrets, laughed until you cried, forgiven squabbles and been loyal for years. Celebrate all this with our unusual gift ideas:

friends make xmas special

Best Friend Gift Ideas

Gifts for those were are close to do not have to be expensive. One gift that is guaranteed to make her smile, even on some of the most difficult days, is a bright and colourful Queen of Awesomeness stoneware mug. With a crown painted on both sides and Yeah! Printed on the inside base of the mug she’ll know you have her back.
Made to resemble the wall plaques that are put on the previous homes of the rich and famous, you can buy a range of items, from welcome mats, mugs, scatter cushions and more that announce to the world that A Totally Fabulous Super Talented Glamour-puss Lives Here.

White glazed rose earrings

White Glazed Rose Earrings in 24K Gold

  • Formed from real miniature white rose petals and trimmed with 24k gold.
  • Studded with 16 radiant synthetic diamonds.
  • Intricate detailing protected by a lifetime waranty.
Price: $79.00 Buy it!
Red rose and jewelry set in gold heart theme

Red Matched Set in Gold Heart Theme

  • Includes a 29cm glazed red tight bud natural rose.
  • The pendant is fashioned in the shape of a heart.
  • Each jewelry piece is inlaid with sparkling synthetic diamonds.
Price: $309.00 Buy it!


glazed-rose-earringsFrom Polynesian Maori symbols to Native American Indian dream-catcher talismans, from African patterns to Far Eastern protective amulets: all these design features are incorporated into beautiful, intricate ethnic jewellery that match the soul and glamour of your companions. A lot of ethnic jewellery also carries special meaning, with deep and ancient origins.
For more classic Christmas gifts, consider coloured, glazed rose earrings in 24 karat gold made from real miniature rose petals and trimmed with pure 24 karat gold. Available in several colours the earrings are studded with diamonds and presented in a sleek velvet pouch with a gold-trim and braided draw strings. These earrings have intricate detailing your friend is sure to love. It’s also likely to be the most unusual item in her jewellery box as they take 60 steps and more than three months to complete.


Flowers are traditional presents at any time of year, but instead of a potted flower this Christmas, present her with a stylish indoor allotment with space for up to three separate herb pots. You can create this gift yourself by decorating pots and including some compost and three packs of herbs so she can start growing on her allotment. Herbs are the best and coriander, oregano and basil are good choices.

You may have heard of adult colouring books. Each year new titles become available, whether it be a secret garden theme or an enchanted forest theme. Great for teenagers as well as adults, these colouring books are special and enchanting. A great way to relax and be creative.

Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.


Hobby gift ideas

If your mate loves cooking and you joke about her obsessive-compulsive tendencies, a brilliant gift would be the perfectionist chef chopping board that has grid lines in the most precise measurements to help make the smallest squares of pepper or the perfect julienne carrots.

If she has an interest in history or art, there are several coffee-table sized books with full colour photography sitting alongside text about the subject or area. Choose a book that covers an era that your friend is particularly interested in, or an area that they want to visit. Combine the two, for example a book about Faberge is ideal for those with an interest in Russian history and in fine jewellery making. There are books from fine art collections including masterpieces that are not on display. Many of these books with have an accompanying DVD too.

Creative gifts ideas

If you have a creative idea that you know will make a great gift, but you don’t have the skills or the confidence to put the idea into physical form, go online to Etsy and browse through the artists to find someone who will be able to transform your idea into unique and beautiful present.

Augmented paper is one of this years most creative gifts is for traditionalists as well as those who love technology. Augmented paper digitises any handwritten notes or sketches and sends them directly to a mobile device where they are stored for later.

Christmas food basket

Another Christmas present for friends that can be hand-made or bought in store, it’s simply a basket that has the luxuries you know she loves. A premium cheese and wine hamper is both sophisticated and luscious. Some companies have options where you can upgrade the wine for an additional fee, so that you can get as close to the perfect hamper without making it yourself.
A hamper that she will consider a heavenly indulgence could be filled with an assortment of pampering products to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. Luxury creams, bath blends and a bottle of French Champagne can be presented in a gorgeous gift basket finished with ribbon, tissue and gift card.