Finding Perfect Xmas Gift For Your Girlfriend

Finding the perfect Xmas gift for your girlfriend may not always be the easiest, particularly if you have not known each other a long time. If you remain a little unsure that this relationship is ‘the one’ you will want to be mindful that you’re not giving off the wrong signals to the lovely lady.

Here we have come up with a range of ideas that we hope will help you choose the best gift for the significant lady in your life

Making Her Gift

Making a gift for doesn’t mean you have to be an expert carpenter, architect or poet. She will appreciate a gift that you make for her because it shows that you have put some thought and effort into the piece you have created.

One example is to create an I Love You banner. There are several apps or photo editing software that will turn your photos into letters of the alphabet. Choose your favourite photos of shared memories and print out the letters that you need to spell out your message. Hang the letters from a piece of string using mini clothes pegs for a fun piece of home decor. Another idea is to customise a diary. Add a motivational quote inside the front cover and write surprising little messages on random days that will make her smile.

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White glazed rose earrings

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Romantic gift

photo album gift
Traditional Christmas gifts for women include pyjamas. When it comes to choosing nightwear, choose luxury with designs from names you know she loves. In the 1920s Coco Chanel wore silk pyjamas that looked like menswear style. Other styles of nightwear include knee-length satin robes which combine comfort with a fit that is flattering. There are several designs, with newest designs in grey with a pretty rose pattern and delicate lace on the sleeves and hem.

If your girlfriend has come into your life with a Felix or Fido who she considers a member of her family, arrange for an artist to create a custom portrait of this pet, there are artists on etsy if you want artwork in any particular style that suits her home décor. Alternatively, hire a local photographer with experience in this field to arrange a photo-shoot.

Jewellery Gift

Jewellery is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Be careful when choosing a ring for your girlfriend as it’s often too easy for a ring to be confused for an engagement ring, so wise to steer clear of these when looking for the perfect jewellery as a Christmas gift for your sweetheart. Bracelets are safer and consider a range of tribal bangles and bracelets that are bright, easy to layer up and sparkle too. There are beaded cuff bracelets, crystal embellished bangles, mixed precious metal bracelets, beaded bracelets and whole lot more to consider.
A more classic style of jewellery would be an intricate pendant created using real pink miniature rose petals, glazed and trimmed with pure 24 karat gold and featuring two leaf-shaped figurines that have been dipped in 24 karat gold. Both the rose and the leaves incorporate beautiful synthetic diamonds. Match with a set of earrings to really impress her.


Fresh cut flowers don’t last. Add a more permanent floral flourish this season with a Christmas tree bauble. Delicately hand-painted with a colourful floral design and finished with a beautiful ribbon tie, it is the perfect finishing touch to your tree décor. This can become a new Christmas tradition with a new bauble each year.

Perhaps your girlfriend would love to be the guardian of a green-space at Green Tier Creek reserve is 120 hectares of Australian bush on a hilltop near the east coast of Tasmania. There, land has been chosen for conservation and virtually sub-divided into small green-spaces, each plot being about the size of a house, that you can choose and buy guardianship rights to. This means the entire block is kept safe and can not be sold, or its purpose changed, without your permission.

Doing something nice for her as a gift

dinnerHere are just some of the things that your girlfriend would truly love you to do for her. The important thing is that you do nice things without her having to ask first.

If you have children, arrange for her to have a full day without the kids so she has a ‘day off’ from being mum. Help her out in the kitchen, it’s fun to prepare Xmas dinner together and you can do the dishes afterwards. For a gift that keeps on giving, fill a jar with single-use ‘coupons’ that she can use each week until they run out. This can be for a foot massage, an extra-hour lie in, your turn to cook dinner or other nice things you know she would appreciate.