Choosing Xmas Gifts for Grandmothers

Despite what you may think, or what you may have been told, grandmothers do not have everything. They may have all they need, but there are hundreds of wonderful Xmas gifts for grandmothers that they will love. From sentimental to customised to cute best sellers, we’ve bought to you some Xmas presents for grandmothers that we hope will make yours feel very special.


Symbolic and Meaningful

Whilst not unique or personal to your grandmother, there is some lovely works of art that make great Xmas presents for grandmothers, particularly for those who may not find it easy to put in their own words what grandma means to them. These include posters that take each letter in Grandmother (or derivative) to create a script that describes this elder lady. Using adjectives, a canvas can be created showing, as an example Giving / Reliable / Amazing / Nice / Devoted / Motherly / All. If you prefer, it is possible to commission an artist to create a unique print with your own choice of words and perhaps a short message such as “You’re the best nanna! Mick, Holly and Jack”

A genuine red rose, glazed and trimmed with 24 karat gold and presented in a stylish display case that accentuates the lustrous finish is a wonderful gift. A recognised symbol of love, the red rose is one of the best Xmas presents for grandmothers, proving through an impressive symbolic representation of beauty and love, that is both unique and artistic, how much they are loved and adored by family. If she should happen to fancy a bit more bling, consider a natural 24 karat platinum-dipped rose.

Jewellery Xmas Presents

grandma xmas presentThis is one gift that allows you the opportunity to gift to your grandmother something not only beautiful, but will also improve her health. Chakra jewellery starts with an online quiz to find out which of the 7 Chakras she may need to focus on at this moment in time. Stemming from eastern philosophy, the chakras represent seven energy points in the body that should be balanced in order to encourage a happy and healthy life. Whether it is stability from the Base Chakra or thoughtfulness from the Crown Chakra, your grandmother’s answers to short questions will guide you to the necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings to choose from to help her keep well.


For long-lasting flowers, dried flower coasters can show your grandmother’s favourite blooms preserved under glass or on wood slices with resin.

Grandma may still have letters she received before computers became commonplace. Letters from past relatives that she now treasures. Encourage her to continue the tradition with some beautiful floral stationery sets that include assorted cards and envelopes packaged in a matching box to use for storage.

Other floral-themed Xmas gifts for grandmothers include a family tree picture frame which celebrates the family with miniature photo frames, each with a ribbon attached so they can be fastened anywhere. Let grandmothers start the tree with a photo of themselves, then they can see how the family continues to grow as a result of their love. It’s a gift to treasure for years to come and as the grandchildren grow up, photos can be changed as the family expands.

Gourmet dessert gifts

Gourmet desserts can range from chocolate-dipped strawberries, truffles, exotic cookies and baskets full of exotic fruits. There are so many gifts available online, you’re sure to find one she will love among them.

Generally speaking, woman love chocolate no matter their current age. Consider a gift of something complete new such as a classic caramel with flake salts from the Murray River in South Australia.

If you prefer, make your own basket of gourmet desserts that include grandmother’s favourites to form your own gift collection

Personalised home Xmas gifts for grandmothers

It’s fun to personalise decorative items for the home with remembrances of birthdays or special family moments. Choose a canvas to hang on the wall, a throw or a cushion and add the names and birthdays of the grandchildren or choose an event the name of the family members and the significant date. If grandma’s just celebrated her graduation as a mature student, etch that for posterity on a throw. Choose colours that fit in with her current décor, from bright and colourful to more muted and classic.

There are a wide choice of items where you can record all the details of loved ones for Grandma. Alternatively, you could choose to note all the things that granny loves doing (like shopping, dancing, knitting etc.) and add all these to your chosen object, which can be as simple as a coffee mug, a glass paperweight, a treat jar, a tote bag, or a keepsake box. The choices are limitless, so be creative.