How to Find Xmas Gift for Mothers

xmas gift for mothersFinding a Christmas gift for your mother can be a challenge. She may appear to have everything she needs, and when asked what she wants will often say “Don’t buy me anything” which only adds to the difficulty of finding something that won’t soon end up in the local charity shop.

For many mothers, it is the thought behind the gift that holds the most meaning. Take a couple of minutes to consider your mom’s interests, hobbies and fashion style. This can all help you to find the best present to give her on the day. Here we’ve listed some ideas for gifts that we hope will give inspiration:

Jewellery Xmas presents for mothers

An elegant timepiece will ensure that mum doesn’t have to dig out her phone to find out the time. A rose gold watch by a designer that she admires, can be an elegant timepiece or add a modern twist to a classic bracelet watch.

For a range of jewellery to choose from, from colourful birthstones to classic pearls, check out the collections at various stores that will cover every style including symbolic knots and motifs. Choose from petite designs through to extravagant, bold statement pieces.

Purple rose and jewelry set in heart theme

Purple Matched Set in Gold Heart Theme

  • Includes a 29cm glazed purple natural rose.
  • The pendant is fashioned in the shape of a heart.
  • Each jewelry piece is inlaid with synthetic diamonds.
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Red rose and jewelry set in gold heart theme

Red Matched Set in Gold Heart Theme

  • Includes a 29cm glazed red tight bud natural rose.
  • The pendant is fashioned in the shape of a heart.
  • Each jewelry piece is inlaid with sparkling synthetic diamonds.
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Floral Xmas presents

If your mother’s feeling nostalgic for summer, pick a beautifully embroidered cotton long gown from an ethically-sound company, from bright floral patterns through to a cream Broderie Anglaise style. Attention to detail is important, so a hand-finished gown would be perfect. The cut, the feel and the look should ooze luxury when she wears it.

If your mother would rather have décor for her home rather than herself, consider an extravagant tapestry, a wonderful work of art that can be displayed on the wall using just a metal rod and finial. There are amazing patterns from some of the principal figures in the arts and crafts movement, helping you find a tapestry pattern that will delight your mother.

Choosing decorative Xmas gifts

Fresh flowers may wilt, but with a subscription, your mother can receive regular deliveries of fresh flowers to her doorstep. Each week, the freshest flowers can be delivered direct from the growers, with flower information and arrangement suggestions specific to each delivery. You choose the frequency, to have a delivery every week, fortnight, month or quarter and for as long as you wish.

One of the most stunning decorative Christmas gifts for mothers is a 24 karat gold-dipped natural rose. A natural rose is picked at the peak of its beauty, then expertly coated with gold to a robust and brilliant mirror finish. Coming in its own display case this is a gift a mother will treasure as it symbolises the love you have for her will last for eternity. It is this gift that is likely to become a family heirloom so precious is its message of love. Whilst these look beautiful in their leather display case, you can add an ornate 24 karat gold-dipped brass cast vase to your Xmas gift for her, an ideal complement to any gold-dipped or glazed rose. Another option is a stylish, contemporary cube-based acrylic vase featuring a cylinder stem.

Easy craft ideas for mother

We said at the start that what a lot of mothers love as a gift for Christmas is a gift that has been created by their child. Here are some easy craft ideas that you might like to try:

Bike Basket

If your mother has a bicycle, turn a dull, black wired basket into a pretty, colourful handlebar accessory that’s just as unique as she is. Use her favourite colours to weave in artificial flowers, ribbons and other symbols that show off her character.

Home-made Jams

A sweet gesture is to create some jams for her to enjoy. There are several recipe sites online, or ask a friend for help. Try unusual recipes that your mother many not have tried herself. Find the recipes for tomato and black pepper jam, cantaloupe jam, peach-honey jam or keep it simple with a mixed berry jam. For something quite unusual, try caramelised onion and bacon jam. Add some goat cheese and a jar of fennel-roasted olives and your mother will be in seventh heaven!

Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Sew some cheeky sayings onto plain cotton squares to give your mother some personalised handkerchiefs. You some phrases that you know will make her laugh, perhaps a quote from her favourite author or a line from a song. Another idea is to design a unique monogram and sew a set of handkerchiefs.

Painted Glassware

Create a design on glassware with acrylic paint and seal it once completed afterwards so that it can be used repeatedly. Decorate some plain glass coasters and add a bottle of fruit-infused vodka or some sloe gin to keep her warm over winter.