Romantic Xmas Gifts Ideas for the Special Lady in Your Life

Looking for the winning guide to buying romantic Xmas presents for a special lady you share your life with? No worries for you, because you’ve come to the perfect place. You’re bound to be wanting her to consider you the best partner, and part and parcel of earning this title is buying her a great gift, whatever the occasion. Unless you’re a gift giving guru this isn’t going to come easy, and you’re going to need to put a little thought into your quest.

Things to Consider Before Putting Your Hand in Your Pocket

It’s all in the research. You’re going to need to spend a spot of time considering your purchase, and what sort of gift will mean most to your girl. Starting your Xmas gift shopping without being a little prepared will mean that you’re going to end up confused and be wasting your time. In the run up to Christmas, and possibly for a bit of time before, she’s going to be dropping hints left right and centre, so pay attention to everything that she says. We appreciate that this might be out of your comfort zone, but you’ll reap the rewards in the long run.

romantic giftYou could ask her friends for some hints on what to buy your girlfriend, wife or partner. You can be sure that romantic Xmas gifts for her will have come up more than once in their friendly conversations.

And you always have the option of getting into a deep and meaningful discussion about Xmas present shopping. Ask about her favourite shops, or simply ask what she wants. It would be better to get a few suggestions from your lady, especially if you want it to be a surprise. She’ll know that she’s already mentioned some gifts she’d love, but can’t be sure which one you’ll pick.

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Top Romantic Christmas Gifts for Her

Something she can Wear

Let’s lots to choose from if you’re considered buying a gift for her to wear. But if it’s clothes you’re buying please make sure of her size. Buy something that turns out to be too big, and she’ll consider that you think she’s a bit of a chunk. Pick something that she can’t get into at all, and she’s going to think herself way too fat. Either scenario isn’t going to have her smiling, and she’ll be rushing out to buy the latest book on dieting, or worse still, you won’t see her for dust.

  • Diamond jewellery – something simple and classic, or way over the top. You decide, after all who knows her better than you do, right?
  • Watch – a timepiece will never go out of fashion, even with the introduction of mobile phones
  • Bathrobe – to keep her all warm and cosy, when she gets out of the shower, and something that she can enjoy using whatever the weather
  • Handbag – you can’t go wrong if you buy her a handbag. Suede, denim, leather or canvas, in a wide range of colours and styles.

Something for the Electronic Lover

If she’s a sucker for the latest electronic gadget you won’t go far wrong with the latest laptops, iPhones, smartphones or tablets. Or there’s a digital camera, so she can take those romantic couple shots to her heart’s content. Are you a gamer? Maybe she is too. Perhaps she’s appreciate her own console, or a choice of her favourite games, rather than always having to play Grand Theft Auto or Assassin’s Creed with you.

And if she’s already got all the major gadgets she needs, there’s always some interesting accessories. Cases, sleeves, docking stations, earphones or speakers are just a few ideas to be going on with.

Home Orientated Gifts

While a vacuum cleaner isn’t going to feature at the top of her romantic Christmas gifts for her list, there’s always the option of hiring a maid for the day. What better gift to give her than a day off from all those tiresome chores? It’ll also be the perfect opportunity to whisk her away for the day.

A Gift That’ll Make a Change to Her Normal Routine

There’s no better romantic Christmas gift for her than the chance to do something different. Buy her a couple of tickets for a show she’s be longing to see, a concert or any other type of performance. She might decide to take a friend with her, or she may even let you tag along.

A day of pampering at a local spa is also a great gift for Christmas. There are even options for couples so you can lay back and enjoy the peace and quiet, while relaxing together and letting the woes of the world gently slip away.

Or maybe you think she’s prefer a romantic getaway. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a few days away together, but if you wish to really push the boat out and take her somewhere exotic, that’s entirely up to you.

a gift in handsAnd remember you don’t have to take her away for her to enjoy a proper day off. She’s been running around like a headless chicken for weeks in the run up to Christmas. Cooking, cleaning, buying and wrapping presents, and not forgetting all those christmas decorations. Promise to give her a day off from everything, and we mean absolutely everything. While you get on with looking after the kids, getting meals ready, dusting, vacuuming and walking the dog. Let her lie in bed and only get up when she’s ready too, and then enjoy the rest of the day with nothing more to think of than pleasing herself.

Being romantic at Xmas doesn’t have to mean red roses, chocolates and loads of hearts. It’s about letting her do the things she wants to, without the worry of caring for everyone else. And that includes you of course.